Learning is a natural, life-long experience that can yield numerous benefits such as higher brain plasticity, greater well-being and better health. The courses I have designed provide opportunities for you to understand the human mind, and to achieve higher levels of awareness, performance, and self-growth.

Learning values

Transferability: Implementing reliable learning practices, through self-assessment, theory-based content, and a follow-up system so you can transfer what you’ve learned to your day-to-day life.

Eclectic teaching: using CBT principles through group coaching practices, ensuring that you can achieve the goals that are relevant for promoting mental strength, contextual performance or a sense of life achievement.

Flexibility: Continuous review and adjustment of the course content, so that learning goals can be adapted to meeting the needs of individuals, groups or organisations.

Ownership: the Power of Keeping Your Life at Reach (27 July 2017)

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What is life? How should you relate to your own self and how do you fulfill the experience of being? The perceptions we hold concerning the life we live create a mental environment where our self can choose to grow free or to remain trapped between dismissing unconscious forces.
Choice is a product of our will. The force that may turn our expectations into mastery, our hope into courage and our health into self-growth.

Every mental diagnosis is nothing but a maladaptive way of living. Depression is a reaction to loss while anxiety is a constant fear of losing. In this context, the self is struggling to hold on while creating a coherent coping strategy by which the mind can experience a growing sense of ownership.

In this course you will be introduced to:
• The psychological factors contributing to the sense of ownership
• The most relevant mental actions we can choose to engage in for fulfilling every area of life
• The strategies you can rely on for mastering your mental resources and achieve greater resiliency when dealing with a negative life event
• A novel perspective by which you can always keep your life at reach.