Life Assessment

A reliable psychological treatment must always be informed by an evidence-based assessment. This way, we can determine which is the right approach for bringing meaningful improvements. There are more methods on offer than you can imagine, but this comes at a cost, as the majority fail to meet the basic scientific criteria, have poor psychometric qualities or tend to be focused on a single psychological dimension. This unfortunately makes them less cost-effective, and unsuitable for conducting a reliable assessment.

The method I use:
• Identifies clinically relevant variables for both treatment and self-development
• Is based on reliable theories, such as the expectancy theory, or the stages of change model.
• Includes six distinct questionnaires for assessing your psychological profile across the key areas of life.

Psychological assessments should help you find out where you stand and where you need to go to achieve a better outcome. The Life Assessment was created with a similar goal in mind. It includes six questionnaires, with four subscales (self-fulfillment, valued engagement, ownership and mastery). Moreover, by completing all six questionnaires, you have the chance to unlock additional subscales, and gain access to some of the most relevant psychological traits for understanding your overall potential in life.

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