About me

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With over eight years of experience in evidence-based psychological interventions, I can leverage the scientific power of psychology through effective strategies that will make a difference in everything you are trying to achieve.

Psychological interventions: Feeling distressed, down or at a loss? I provide individual and group interventions to help you deal with what’s on your mind, so you can find the answers you need to get you back on track and able to face the world.

Organisational health: psychological consultancy is the most effective intervention for developing a sense of leadership, stronger relationships, improved wellbeing, and a thriving workflow.

Research: using reliable assessment techniques to effectively identify the psychological factors that are relevant for ones health, safety and performance within groups, organisations and communities.

Innovation: Working on a new project, event or product that needs an extra understanding of how people think? Let’s make sure that you aren’t just designing but truly innovating.

Currently, I provide consultancy for a number of individuals and organisations on a wide range of issues, covering topics such as workplace well-being, mental health, illness management, community development, behavioural economics and technological innovation.

Can I help? I understand you want to make the right decision. Get in touch, and let’s schedule a free 15 minute conversation.
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It’s been a very useful experience. Cristian has helped me to become more confident, and to change the way I see things. I’m sure that everyone would gain more out of life after working with him.