At a crossroads?

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Take your chance and make a better choice

Cristian A. Nica (CPsychol)

Psychological services for mental strength, better health and life fulfillment

Get ready to challenge the default status of your mental skills. I’ll help you update your strategies, conquer your boundaries and achieve a mindful way of living. I can adapt my interventions, whether you want to boost your development, engage a community or enhance the performance within your organisation.

Travel your “maze” with purpose

The value of every challenge can be discovered at a crossroads. I believe that we all need to go through a trial and error process in order to recognise, control and enhance our mindset, as this is the only way to achieve full ownership over our mind’s potential.

Interventions for a thriving mind

My extensive experience in working with individuals, groups and organisations will give you the chance to rely on a range of complementary psychological interventions, such as: psychotherapy, to wisely channel your mental resources; counselling, to find a reason for moving forward; or coaching, to always keep your goals within reach.

Uncertainty is all part of the plan

We’ll let science pave the way forward. I’ll be there with an open mind, relying on the latest research to help you guide yourself through the unknown. You are free to learn, I am ready to create the opportunities for you to become aware of the value of every action.

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