Why do I need to take the intervention need assessment before applying for any psychological intervention?

This instrument is useful for you to understand what type of intervention is most useful for your psychological needs. Distress, fulfillment or inaction have different causes, and need to be approached through goal setting (coaching), symptom management (psychotherapy) or problem solving (counseling).

What happens if I stop, or lose my connection whilst filling in a questionnaire?

The platform will save all your answers automatically and you can always return and continue from the first unanswered question.

Why can’t I go back in order to change or review my answers for a given questionnaire?

When taking a psychological questionnaire most people tend to compare their answers between items in order to provide a congruent response. However, this may decrease the reliability of your assessment and at the same time increase your anxiety which might also influence the way you perceive life.

How are my results computed?

All questionnaires include several items, which are computed automatically, creating a total score and also a more specific score for a given subscale. The computations have been developed based on existing research, so that the score can better assess your needs.

What is a subscale?

Psychological research has led to the development of explanatory and descriptive theories which help us understand the mental factors behind a given mental process, emotional reaction or personality trait. The subscales are focused on specific mental factors, that can predict the development, occurrence or fulfillment of the concept that is being measured. For example, in order to determine the level of confidence, we must look at both self-efficacy and self-esteem (subscales), which are described by a different set of items so that in the end we may get a clear picture about the individual.

How can I see my questionnaire results?

Your results are displayed automatically in the results tab soon after completing a questionnaire. Each result is stored separately, according to the date when you started your assessment.

Am I allowed to take the questionnaire several times?

Yes, but there is no use for you to go through the same assessment on and on again. However, your life perceptions might change due to unforeseen circumstances and thus you might experience specific mental reactions of which you could become aware by repeating the life assessment. It is advisable to take the life assessment at least once a year and not more often than every three months. If you would like to repeat the life assessment then please send an email to cristian@gainownership.com and you will receive a 50% discount for any questionnaire.

Are my results confidential?

All data is managed according to existing legal regulations and will not be shared with third parties. We are keeping all data as secure as possible by using the latest online protection. Personal data would only be made available to relevant other parties when we are required to do so by law.